About GeoNode Summit 2016

What is GeoNode?

GeoNode is a web-based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) that enables sharing and collaborating on geospatial data. Users can upload existing shapefiles, edit data, and publish finished maps. GeoNode can also host static documents, such as PDF maps. GeoNode has robust support for open standards and OGC services, which streamlines integration with other systems and existing workflows. For example, data from GeoNode can be easily downloaded as a shapefile for use in ArcMap. At its core, GeoNode is designed to be customizable and extensible.

GeoNode is used throughout the world by international organizations, non-profits, and mapping agencies for supporting activities ranging from emergency preparedness and response, disaster risk reduction, and many more. Additionally, GeoNode is supported by a rich ecosystem of commercial providers across the world who can help with training, technical support, or development of new features.

Whether your use case is wrangling thousands of layers or managing just 10 really well, GeoNode can help make your job easier.

Open Source

GeoNode was created in 2009 and is developed in the open by a global community of developers. The platform is built on a fully opensource stack, including the widely used PostgreSQL/PostGIS and GeoServer. GeoNode is integrating the latest advances in opensource GIS software, including OpenLayers 3, Tegola, and many more. The user interface is built on the Django Framework.

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What is a GeoNode Summit?

Every few years, as resources allows, the GeoNode community gets together to discuss the future of the platform. The summit includes program managers, developers, and users. All are welcome to attend and ideas from new members of the community are especially valued. Strategic decisions at the “GeoNode level” can impact future investments in component parts, such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, and OpenLayers 3.

Past Summits

The GeoNode community has held 3 previous summits and many code sprints.

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