Free webinar about GeoNode version 3


State of GeoNode 3.0 Free Webinar

GeoNode 3.0 was released about a month ago. See GeoNode blog for complete details. There is usually a presentation GeoSolutions does at the GeoNode summit, but as you know, the summit was postponed. Therfore they are doing a free webinar on July 7th at 11:00 Eastern Time. You can find more informations at GeoSolutions blogpost.

Some highlights of what’s new:

– GeoNode components have been updated to new versions: Python upgrade 3.7, Django upgrade 2.2.12, GeoServer upgrade 2.16.2.

– MapStore is now the default client greatly enriching the experience for viewing the data.

– Greatly improved analytics and getting information about who is visiting the website and their actions. For example, you can see unique visitors who trigger a specific type of event.

– Improved full GeoNode backup & restore.

– Extended GeoNode shared permission via GeoLimits to restrict users or groups to a specific geographical area (see below).

We hope to see you there!

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