How the webconference will work


General info

First things first: If you are registered, you will get your dedicated invitation link on friday, 2020.12.04, evening (UTC+1).

This year’s Summit will be hosted by the Thünen-Institute as web conference. We will use Cisco Events as our conference software which will enable us to split the participants into two groups:

  • Attendees
  • Panelists (Moderator, Presenter, Host)

To get an overview of Cisco Events you can take a look at the (commercial) video done by Cisco themselves. Of course the summit is free of charge and there is no monetization.

As attendee

The attendees can follow the presentations and ask questions as part of a dedicated Q&A chat window. They will not be able to share their own screen. If needed they can be given permission to talk - e.g. for discussions with the panelists.

You can join with your browser, or a smartphone. The modalities are described in your invitation link.

Here is a short tutorial about Cisco Events in action as attendee.

As presenter (Panelists)

You, as part of the panelists, will be able to share your screen, video and audio and are able to answer asked questions. Please do use a headset to prevent us from audio feedback during your talk. We will provide the opportunity to do a dry-run beforehand to test the software and your hardware. The dry-run is scheduled for friday, 2020.12.04. We will discuss timeslots with you in private.

Here is a short tutorial about Cisco Events in action as attendee.

Any further questions?

Email organizers at

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